How to Apply Personal Loan for Self Employed?

How to Apply Personal Loan for Self Employed?

You have all the options available for personal loan applications.

You can choose to fill out an application via online and offline methods.

Different processes that can fill out the application are:

  • Visit the branch
  • Online application
  • By email.
  • Through phone
How to Apply Personal Loan for Self Employed?

Required documents

The documents required by the lender, in general, are mentioned below. Documents must be valid and valid.
Application form signed.

  • Photo of passport size.
  • Proof of ID - Passport / ID of ID Card / PAN
  • Proof of age - Certificate of birth / passport
  • Proof of residence - Passport balance / Utility / Allocation letter.
  • Proof of income - The latest income tax return (ITR) together with income calculation, 2 years ago Balance sheet and profits and losses confirmed by CA.
  • Signature verification signature - Passport / PAN card.
  • Bank statement - Last 3 months bank statement / last 6 months bank deposit book.

For most borrowers, this must be the document that must be submitted for personal loan approval.

This loan can be used for almost all purposes where no need for a reason. It is the solution of all goals with its own shortcomings.

It is a high interest lending product as compared to others.

Therefore, you need to be careful when using it for yourself.

You have to shop a bit before choosing a lender.

Even without your proof of income documents limiting the number of lenders you still should check with all lenders and choose one that has the optimum benefits.

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